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Sanctification is not the Think System

Let’s begin by making one thing clear.  Some Christian communities apply a great deal of pressure on their members to take up the impossible task of making themselves more Christlike.  The gospel of self-improvement, of course, is not the Gospel … Continue reading

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You got religion in my Jesus! You got Jesus in my religion!

Another excellent video from Rev. Fisk, addressing a pro-jesus/anti-religion video that’s making the rounds. People who claim to love Jesus but hate organized religion and the institutional  church must keep their faith shallow and ignorant for the simple reason that … Continue reading

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Tales from Flyover Country

Since I am one of Iowa’s newest residents, I suppose I should finally comment on professor of journalism Stephen Bloom’s screed against my poor benighted state.  In a nutshell, he takes about 6000 colorful words to argue that Iowans shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Suffering or Settling?

The suffering and persecution of Christians for the sake of Christ and the Gospel is a recurring theme throughout the New Testament.  God gave no pretense that the Christian life is one of worldly success but one of glory in … Continue reading

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Out with the Old

When the New Year comes upon us, many people like to leave behind the past in favor of a fresh start.  Accordingly, I’d like to take this opportunity to discard some of the old & outdated beliefs & traditions that … Continue reading

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