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Let’s Remain Pure. Oops, We’re Having Sex!

An upcoming article in Relevant magazine is making the blogosphere rounds already (e.g., CNN & First Thoughts).  It would seem that multiple studies are indicating that despite all efforts by the Church, most young Christians simply are not waiting until … Continue reading

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When Science Isn’t the Best Method

Although science does have it’s worshipers–those who see it as the absolute high point of existence from which all good things proceed–most people recognize it as one tool among many.  It has been extremely useful to humanity in many respects, … Continue reading

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Patriarchy and Sexist T-Shirts

It seems J.C. Penny recently caused a small controversy with a rather ill-conceived t-shirt design.  The shirt, apparently targeted at schoolgirls, reads “I’m too pretty to do my homework so my brother has to do it for me.”   Their website … Continue reading

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