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Keeping the “Free” in “Freedom”

Is it heresy for Americans to try and keep Christ in Christmas? That’s the charge made by Stephen Ingram in a recent blog post. His hometown of Piedmont, Alabama has recently run into some trouble with the Freedom From Religion … Continue reading

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Some Words are Too Bloodstained to Reclaim; “Feminism” is One of Them.

Can conservatives “reclaim” the word Feminism from the liberals and radicals who have done so much harm in its name? Leslie Loftis urges us to try in a recent piece at the Federalist. Now, I put scare quotes around “reclaim” … Continue reading

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A Change I Can Do Without

“What if Three Weekends Can Change Your Life?” That’s the bold question asked by a postcard I received last week announcing a local church’s grand opening.  Because I think curiosity should be punished, I decided to read the details on … Continue reading

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