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A Parable About Tolerance

Back when I moved out into the country. I was blessed to find a lot more life there than I was used to–plants, animals and so forth. It really helped me to appreciate more of God’s creation. So early on, … Continue reading

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Assassinating America’s Common Ground

In their latest album, Toad the Wet Sprocket wonders why Americans don’t get along anymore: Give me your tired and your poor Who yearn to breathe free Send the homeless tempest-tossed to me Where’s the line that we crossed That … Continue reading

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Do We Even Have Religious Leaders?

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has released an updated version of it’s statement on vaccine mandates. and once again it’s a tepid attempt at taking no position at all. At best, it is na├»ve and tone-deaf. At worst, it is … Continue reading

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