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Tim Tebow & Theological Pietism

For those of you who, like myself, don’t follow football,  Tim Tebow is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos who is drawing a great deal of contempt from football fans because of his overt expressions of his Christian faith.  He … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s Not Afraid to Talk About His Faith… Whatever It Is

I try not to deal with straight-up politics on this blog, and I don’t think the upcoming election will be good for what ails us as a nation regardless of who runs/wins.  I happened to see this Perry commercial this … Continue reading

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Doing Unto Others: Misunderstanding the Golden Rule

Though it is highly controversial to publicly point to Christ’s teaching on things like divorce when indicating how we ought to live, “the golden rule” seems fair game for conservative & liberal, Christian & secularist alike.  In a sense, this … Continue reading

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