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Why Conservatives Lose: A Case Study

About six years ago, I wrote a piece at the Federalist called “Conservativism is Obsolete.”  I received a grim reminder of that fact in a pair of recent Tweets from conservative Princeton law professor Robert P. George. I know I'm … Continue reading

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The Problem With “He Bear, She Bear”

Now that Dr. Seuss is in the midst of being cancelled, I’ve seen a number of conservatives suggest “He Bear, She Bear” by Stan and Jan Berenstain (or Berenstein if you’re into the Mandela Effect) as a likely subsequent target … Continue reading

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Is God’s Word Responsible For Ravi Zacharias?

She didn’t put it in quite those terms, of course, but that’s exactly the allegation Sheila Gregoire is making in her recent article. She writes: Evangelicals are pointing fingers at “celebrity Christian culture,” blaming it for the tragic Ravi Zacharias … Continue reading

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