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The Missing Letter

About four years ago, I thought I was being clever when I used the phrase “GLBTQAZetc” to refer to the growing alphabet soup of sexual perversion. Turns out that Weslyan University’s unintentional self-parody takes it up a notch. Open House … Continue reading

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Rainbow Lobby Trying to Take an Elderly Grandmother’s Business and Home over $7.91

In what has become an increasingly common story, Barronelle Stutzman, a 70-year-old florist in Washington State, chose not to help two male customers pretend that they were marrying each other because she deemed such assistance a violation of her Christian … Continue reading

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On Yoga Pants and Priorities

It seems there’s some kind of lively debate going on about yoga pants and modesty among American Evangelicals. It’s not a subject that I’ve really been invested in. On one hand, I’m more inclined to see yoga pants as slovenly … Continue reading

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Apologetics: Doing the Job the ELCA Won’t Do

Well, one of them, at any rate. My wife alerted me to a recent question on the ELCA’s official Ask a Pastor [or Pastrix] page: It’s evident that violations of the laws of nature do not occur in our universe. … Continue reading

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Sentamentalism & Leftism != Goodness

Look out, Christians; it looks like godless parents raise more liberal kids than we do. Wait… what do you mean that’s not news? But Jezebel just ran a big ‘gotcha’ story on it denouncing us. Well, they did headline it … Continue reading

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Well Said

A great turn of phrase from J. Budziszeski this morning: When Rome burned under Nero, the cry was “The Christians must have set the fires.”  This time it is our Rome that is burning.  But this time the cry is, … Continue reading

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On the Relevance of Male Lactation

It’s some pretty stupid reasoning, but it nevertheless amuses me to see our modern-day gnostics hoisted on their own petard. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court let stand a controversial lower court decision. Angela Ames alleged that her employer forced … Continue reading

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