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St. Augustine on Calling Evil Good and Good Evil

Woe to those that call evil good, and good evil! The Lord’s warning given through Isaiah is surely apropos for our own time, given the cultural and spiritual forces which confront Christians in the West. I was recently reminded of … Continue reading

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Preying on Historical Ignorance

So did you know that Christians have only opposed abortion for about 40 years? Yeah. Neither do I. Neither does anyone else familiar with Church history. But I had recently seen the view expressed in a tweet¬†without thinking too much … Continue reading

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Does Orthodoxy Make God Too Small?

If you’ve ever contended on behalf of unpopular Christian doctrines, you’ve probably heard this more than once: “You’re just putting God in a box!” “Your God is as small and narrow-minded as you are!” “My God is big enough to … Continue reading

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Answering Some Objections About the Golden Rule

[update:¬† added an additional objection I had forgotten regarding allegedly misrepresenting the text.] Judging from the feedback, I think my latest piece at The Federalist about how the Golden Rule means having kids is the most universally reviled thing I’ve … Continue reading

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