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Accidental Scientology

If you follow Mike Cernovich on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a lot about DMT experiences and their spiritual significance lately. To quickly sum it up in meme form… How it started: The author is a psychologist, raised Jewish but was … Continue reading

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Children are not Postmodernists

“Is my dead dog in heaven? The question showed up on a list of seven difficult questions posed to the list’s author by her children, and the answer is instructive about the fate of postmodern views of religion when they … Continue reading

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Faithless Feedback

How do non-Christians feel about “being on the receiving end of the efforts of Christian evangelicals to convert them?” Or, putting it in Christian language, “how do unbelievers feel about having heard a Gospel that they didn’t believe?” I think … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Superstitious Left

I happened across a rather strange headline today: The Rise of the Religious Left: Religious Progressives Will Soon Outnumber Conservatives. I found this puzzling given the current trends in American religion. I generally think of the religious left as the … Continue reading

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“But I Could Be Wrong”

Those are the five words that this contributor to Fox News thinks will save the Church, and it seems to be a fairly common sentiment among the Emergent crowd. Different theological and moral beliefs are a frequent source of friction, … Continue reading

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