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The Latest from the Federalist

Just realized I never linked to the last two pieces I wrote for The Federalist: Four Myths About the ‘Helpless’ Single Woman, in which I critique a recent challenge to the conservative vision of singleness.  (Note for the reading-challenged:  this … Continue reading

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The New Honesty about Abortion in Film

I have not seen “Obvious Child,” a recent romantic comedy about abortion, but I did take note when film critics kept going on and on about how honest it is. It’s “anchored” by an edgy “kind of truth-telling” according to … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There is Such a Thing as a Slut

I came across this piece in The Atlantic a few days back, boldly proclaiming that “there’s no such thing as a slut.” It was occasioned by a recent book written by a couple of academics who studied the daily lives … Continue reading

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