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Frets about Pets

I just saw this brief piece in Time on academia’s ongoing efforts to diminish our vocabulary in the name of enhancing it.  It’s always difficult to tell how well articles like this actually represent the content of the journals they … Continue reading

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Chastity Day

Texas is apparently considering a budget that requires a Title IX-esque balancing act for those universities which host centers for students whose sexual appetites fall into politically fashionable categories.  According to Inside Higher Ed, Centers promoting “traditional values” would necessarily … Continue reading

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When “Do Whatever You Want” Means “I Don’t Care About You”

As usual, if you need Jesus to wink and nod at a sin, you’ll need to come up with a fictional Jesus.  According to NRO, Notre Dame grad Theresa Rebek has done just that in her play “O Beautiful” in … Continue reading

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Creativity and the Worship Wars

When I was a young child, my grandparents has an old electric organ in their basement, which I would periodically play when I visited. I remember one day turning on one of the organ’s beat tracks and playing “Beautiful Savior” … Continue reading

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Radio Interview

I had an interview on Issues Etc that ran this past Wednesday in which we discussed my contribution to Natural Law: A Lutheran Reappraisal. In particular, we covered the applicability of natural law in postmodern times, a little bit of … Continue reading

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I Need To Make My Own Mistakes

How often have you heard this line? “I need to make my own mistakes” is usually an excuse thrown out by adolescents (and adults who never grew out of adolescence) after an argument over behavior has been lost. They know … Continue reading

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