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What Difference Would Gay Marriage Make to You?

Debates over gay “marriage” regularly spawn rhetorical questions like this.  What difference would it make to your marriage if the law began to refer to certain homosexual relationships as marriages?  It would mean so much to so many without harming … Continue reading

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Incarnate Value: A Case Study on Tradition

A few months ago, in the hype surrounding Prince William and Kate’s then-upcoming marriage, a story emerged that Prince William would choose not to wear a ring–apparently because he just doesn’t like jewelry.  Boundless posted about it, and the predictable comments … Continue reading

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Keynes vs. Hayek

If your economics program was like mine, Keynes was the only economist you were taught about in college.  Take a few minutes and rectify the “oversight” with this brilliant video.  It manages to be fun, fair, and cover the salient … Continue reading

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Apologetics Minute: God as Cosmic Engineer

I was listening to the White Horse Inn the other day and came across an interview with professional skeptic Michael Shermer.  While talking about whether God exists (at 2:55), he offered up this gem: “I’d be very surprised if it … Continue reading

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“But I Could Be Wrong”

Those are the five words that this contributor to Fox News thinks will save the Church, and it seems to be a fairly common sentiment among the Emergent crowd. Different theological and moral beliefs are a frequent source of friction, … Continue reading

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