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The Question No One Asked

All sorts of stories are circulating the internet about a recent study by Jean Decety, a developmental neuroscientist at the University of Chicago, which argues that religion makes children less altruistic. Of course, the flavor of the headline will vary … Continue reading

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Eat, Sleep, Reproduce, Judge, and Die

It continues to amaze me just how indelibly the Law is written onto human hearts. What follows is an old blog comment written by an atheist who was becoming disgruntled with the rather pusillanimous way his fellows were intellectually engaging … Continue reading

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Sentamentalism & Leftism != Goodness

Look out, Christians; it looks like godless parents raise more liberal kids than we do. Wait… what do you mean that’s not news? But Jezebel just ran a big ‘gotcha’ story on it denouncing us. Well, they did headline it … Continue reading

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An Extraordinary Failure

I have, for the past few months, been teaching a comparative religion class at my church, and just this past Sunday, we began our final topic—the twin-headed religion of Atheism and Secular Humanism. Whether this is truly a religion or … Continue reading

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Atheism Caused By Genetics

I don’t like cilantro. It’s not merely a matter of personal taste, either. I’m one of about 20% of Americans who lack a certain enzyme in our saliva, the result of which is that the popular herb tastes like soap … Continue reading

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The Persecuted Atheist

Earlier this year, the Financial Times put together a sob story about the ruthless persecution of atheists in the United States.  The writer collects a number of anecdotes of discomfort at family gatherings, difficulty rising through the ranks of the … Continue reading

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Apologetics Minute: God as Cosmic Engineer

I was listening to the White Horse Inn the other day and came across an interview with professional skeptic Michael Shermer.  While talking about whether God exists (at 2:55), he offered up this gem: “I’d be very surprised if it … Continue reading

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