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When Movies Aren’t Bloody Enough

So the other night, I finally saw The Crow, the 1994 cult-classic starring Brandon Lee.  I found myself rather disappointed with the film by the time the credits began to roll.  Given how the typical complaint is that movies like … Continue reading

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The “Virtue” of Moral Uncertainty

The idea that if God is dead, then anything is permitted was really only briefly popular back in modernism’s heyday.  Science’s inability to discern value in any objective or universal sense lead more honest materialistic philosophers to conclude that there … Continue reading

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Presidents, Submit to Your Husbands?

It’s been a long time since I last posted, but somehow I’m still ending up with two (real) posts in a row about Michelle Bachmann’s theology. At the recent GOP debate, she was asked whether, as president, she would submit … Continue reading

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Comment Spam

This blog tends to get much more spam than legitimate comments. Some of it is easy to spot (prescription drugs, porn, etc). Other comments are a little more ambiguous. For example, highly generic comments of admiration about the post, while … Continue reading

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