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Teaching Chastity

Usually, when Christians address the issue of sexuality in American culture, we make the mistake of teaching the practice of abstinence (don’t have sex until you’re married) instead of teaching the virtue of chastity (directing your sexuality towards marriage even … Continue reading

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Cyberbrethren: Archeologists Discover Letter Written to St. Paul

A brilliant piece of satire from Rev. Paul McCain: Word is now coming out that a letter has been discovered that was written to St. Paul, in response to his letter to the churches in Galatia. Here is an English … Continue reading

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Loosen Up? Rob Bell & Cries of “Pharisee!”

One of the accusations that seems to be continually leveled against the critics of Rob Bell (the emergent church fellow who has recently made headlines for teaching universalism in his new book) is that they are being Pharisaical for holding … Continue reading

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Scary Independent Women?

The Boundless blog is once again considering the difficulties of singles who are unable to find spouses. This time, they discuss whether men are scared of women who have careers, secure finances, homes, and whatnot–too scared, in fact, to date and ultimately marry such women. Continue reading

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Incarnate Faith

A great difficulty with which American Christians need to struggle is the separation of religion and “real life” into airtight compartments. Religion is accepted as a purely subjective idea, but is not considered either true or false in an objective, … Continue reading

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The Singularity

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about The Singularity (recently popularized in this article from Time).  What struck me most about the article wasn’t the concept itself (consciousness becoming immortal through some kind of fusion with highly advanced … Continue reading

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Rules for Posting

Rules are usually the result of someone doing something they shouldn’t have.  That warning on your chainsaw about not stopping the chain with your hands?  There’s probably a stupid story behind that. Since this blog is too young to have … Continue reading

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