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You Have to Be There.

In my last post, I wrote about the sacrifices that children necessitate–and how selfish our refusal to make those sacrifices really is. But it is just as important for us to pause and consider the irreplaceable blessings of having children. … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule Means Having Kids

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There are plenty of controversial teachings in Christianity, but the Golden Rule generally  isn’t one of them. Whether Christian or not, the vast majority of people would accept it … Continue reading

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Lutheran in a Strange Land: “Face for Radio” Edition

I’ve had a number of requests for downloadable audio versions of the material on the new YouTube channel, and I am happy to oblige. You can subscribe to the audio podcast here:  It’s exactly the same thing as the YouTube … Continue reading

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A Self-Imposed Poverty of Identity

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to identity lately–specifically because of the way America and other Western nations are shattering into a million different special interest groups. Multiculturalism is part of that, of course, but it’s hardly the whole problem. … Continue reading

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Conclusion of Between Babel & Pentecost: A Christian Analysis of Multiculturalism

The conclusion of “Between Babel & Pentecost” in which we consider some of the lessons learned from our analysis of multiculturalism:

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Part 5 of Between Babel & Pentecost: A Christian Analysis of Multiculturalism

Now that we’ve spent some time considering the Tower of Babel, Pentecost, and the political ideologies of multiculturalism and globalism, it’s finally time to answer the question at the heart of this series:   Is a Christian nation obligated to be … Continue reading

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