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Scripture Alone, but not a Scripture that is Alone

Like any doctrine or teaching, the various Sola’s of the Reformation have provoked some misunderstandings from time to time. This is perhaps most common for sola fide—that we are saved through faith alone and not by our works. Because of … Continue reading

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Faithlessness and the Danger of Busybodies

I’ve written several times about the virtue of faith and the associated vice of desperation. This virtue is not the saving faith taught by Christianity, but is instead an ethical matter—a disposition towards acting as though the world will ultimately … Continue reading

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The Obsolescence of Conservatism

Could American conservatism be obsolete? Liberals and progressives have, of course, felt this way about us for a long time, but there’s never been a need to be bothered over that. I raise the question for a different purpose: as … Continue reading

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Rethinking Equality

Awhile back, I wrote a short piece about equality and marriage. I noted that when the idea that all people are created equal was added to our political discourse, it brought some benefits to the common good. It helped to … Continue reading

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Ending the Real Rape Culture

Struggling to Define Rape Despite the common pretenses of relativism and moral uncertainty among Americans, there yet remain certain moral touchstones that none of us are at all uncertain about. One of these is, of course, that Hitler was evil. … Continue reading

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