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America Needs Procreative Unions NOW [A Satire in Defense of Marriage]

Even within the warped worldview of a caricatured leftist, it seems that marriage between one man and one woman makes too much sense to ignore or conflate with something else. [satire] All right-thinking Americans have long been celebrating the fact … Continue reading

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Frivorce Apologetics

Whenever one comes across commentary on an issue of broad cultural confusion—for example, marriage amidst American gender confusion and self-centeredness—one has to get used to seeing people realize an important truth while still managing to be completely wrong. It’s like … Continue reading

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40 Shades of Sentimentalism

Despite the wishful thinking of social justice warriors, the fight continues over marriage equality whether some Americans can force others to pretend that two men are married to each other. The quest to dominate hearts and minds goes on regardless … Continue reading

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The Missing Letter

About four years ago, I thought I was being clever when I used the phrase “GLBTQAZetc” to refer to the growing alphabet soup of sexual perversion. Turns out that Weslyan University’s unintentional self-parody takes it up a notch. Open House … Continue reading

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Ending the Real Rape Culture

Struggling to Define Rape Despite the common pretenses of relativism and moral uncertainty among Americans, there yet remain certain moral touchstones that none of us are at all uncertain about. One of these is, of course, that Hitler was evil. … Continue reading

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Virginity and Faith: When Sexual Experience Sires Religious Illusions

In his Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant wrote, “For as regards nature, experience presents us with rules and is the source of truth, but in relation to ethical laws experience is the parent of illusion, and it is in … Continue reading

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The Latest from the Federalist

Just realized I never linked to the last two pieces I wrote for The Federalist: Four Myths About the ‘Helpless’ Single Woman, in which I critique a recent challenge to the conservative vision of singleness.  (Note for the reading-challenged:  this … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There is Such a Thing as a Slut

I came across this piece in The Atlantic a few days back, boldly proclaiming that “there’s no such thing as a slut.” It was occasioned by a recent book written by a couple of academics who studied the daily lives … Continue reading

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The Cultivation of Shame

“You need to hold your temper.” It was a phrase I heard from my dad on numerous occasions when I was growing up. At the time, of course, I did not get the blacksmithing reference—the ability of metal to retain … Continue reading

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Giving Marriage the Old College Try

I have a new piece up at the Federalist.  Long story short:  those of us who believe that marriage is essential to civilization need to do a better job of encouraging it–not to strangers through legislation or mass media, but … Continue reading

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