How to Sexualize Children

Refusing to teach school children about LGBTP perversions is a no-brainer for anyone with a shred of humanity. So is not teaching children anything behind their parents’ backs and against their wishes. There is absolutely no reason to subject children to such things unless you’re looking to take advantage of them.

Yes, we are burdened with a swarm of individuals who do lack that shred of humanity–LGBTP activists who are becoming utterly unhinged. Yes, their social program depends on corrupting children at a young age. Yes, there are too many people in high places who want to make it easier to molest children. Nevertheless, the more important question is why so many other Americans are willing to follow such people into the mouth of Hell.

The average American knows intuitively that something is horribly wrong with this sort of thing but also lacks a sound moral framework with which to describe why. They usually express their concerns about this issue in terms of not “sexualizing” children. That concern is absolutely legitimate, but unfortunately, not particularly clear.

You don’t have to be a biologist to recognize that we are all either male or female from birth and, at least in that sense, sexual already. Those differing natures do inform our childhoods in certain respects. Boys and girls tend to have different interests, different behavior patterns, and so forth. They also relate to one-another differently. Some kids do have crushes at that age. Others think the opposite sex is weird. The details differ from child to child, but the constant is that there is a difference.

Apart from a handful of woke-scolds, nobody has a problem with these innocent expressions of sexuality in children. On Easter, parents will dress up Jimmy in a suit and tell Susie to wear a dress. They’ll buy them different toys that reflect their divergent interests. They’ll teach Susie to be ladylike and Jimmy to be a gentleman. Such expressions of masculinity and femininity are all part-and-parcel of a normal and healthy childhood.

These things are not what typical Americans mean when they object to the sexualization of kids. However, these things do cultivate a child’s inherent sense of sexuality—the recognition of differences between boys and girls and boundaries regarding how those differences ought to play out. So when predators accuse such parents of being hetero-normative and demand equal representation, “sexualization” isn’t a particularly good objection. At least, not in the moral vacuum which most Americans inhabit. On the contrary, an amoral sense of fairness attempts to silence the screams of conscience and urges them to accommodate the predator instead of driving it off.

To a point, the average Americans could object to the prospect of imposing mature sexuality on immature people. This is what Florida’s law is attempting to prohibit schools from doing. Even moral intuition reliably informs normal humans that there are some sexual behaviors which children should not be exposed to. They are weaker and more vulnerable in virtually every respect than the adults who prey on them. There are intricacies and consequences of sexuality which they are not yet psychologically or emotionally equipped to understand. There’s nothing uncertain about any of this, but it only goes so far. As much controversy as activists generated around Florida, the reality is that 4th grade children and older are still fair game for the groomers.

That mindset is woefully insufficient for protect children from LGBTP predators. Average Americans must go beyond this and learn to consider sexual maturity in a moral sense. LGBTP activists aren’t merely approaching children before they’re ready, but actively damaging their ability to properly become ready. They’re damaging their prospects for healthy sexual maturity.

The difficulty is that Americans cannot speak clearly about sexual maturity in this sense without committing to a clear idea of what it is and isn’t. They need to understand what “normal” means. For that, we need to refer them to precisely what today’s activists are trying to obscure: biology.

Sex makes babies. It’s so good at making babies that even our many methods to achieve sterility end up failing on a regular basis. All the nuts and bolts of sexuality, from our bodies, to the dynamics of attraction, to our desire for permanent relationships are all oriented around successfully procreating. Yes, there are many deviations from that in practice. Any complex system has many points of failure, and some people seem determined to find all of them. But failure doesn’t change what our reproductive systems are for: reproduction.

Long before we were pretending that boys were girls or that two men could be married, we were pretending that children were an accidental byproduct of sex. We pretended that divorce and adultery didn’t hurt children because we decided our feelings were more important than their well-being. We pretended that premarital sex was fine because exploring our feelings was more important than securing a father for our babies. We pretended the child growing in her mother’s womb was no such thing because we wanted sex without raising one. Long before the LGBTP lobby was on the scene, we already had a long tradition of ignoring biological reality simply so we could do whatever we felt like. In short, we decided to become sexually immature, and we can’t blame the rainbow lobby for that.

That is what needs to change in America. It’s not really that we must avoid sexualizing children; it’s that we must sexualize them well instead of poorly–taking not only their age, but their humanity into account. Anything less is simply throwing our children to wolves who are all to happy to fill the void we’ve left with degeneracy and perversion.

A healthy and moral society is going to direct the sexuality of its members towards marriage and family because that’s what genuine sexual maturity looks like. Doing this well is what the virtue of chastity is all about. Chastity doesn’t hide sexuality. After all, even telling your son or daughter, “you’ll understand when you get married and have kids of your own someday” overtly recognizes their inherent sexuality. However, it does so in a an age-appropriate way because rather than forcing them into details which they aren’t ready for, it merely gives them a glimpse of the fruits of sexual maturity. It nurtures rather than undermines.

Parents need to help their children prepare for mature sexuality, just like they do for every other kind of maturity. Sexuality has the awesome power to create life and should be treated accordingly. Anyone with children has had to say, “that’s not a toy” for a variety of things they would hurt themselves with. Sex shouldn’t be an exception.

But LGBT ideology interferes with sexual maturity. Fornication interferes with sexual maturity. So does pedophilia. So does pornography. So does divorce. So do many of the things that both young and old do these days. Such behavior might come “naturally” in the sense that people do it because they feel like doing it. But that doesn’t make it healthy or mature anymore than eating whatever food you feel like is healthy and mature. Feeding children a steady diet of unhealthy sexuality through schools and mass-media makes stable marriages and families a whole lot harder and a whole lot rarer.

When LGBT activists and pedophiles use public schools and media corporations to groom and recruit children, they use tolerance and non-discrimination as their excuse. Hence their “don’t say gay” label on Florida’s law. That tactic has been so effective precisely because so few Americans are willing to admit that sexual morality cannot really be a neutral topic. Nobody wants teachers talking about sex or their personal lives in the classroom, but it’s hard to imagine a childhood where words like mother, father, and marriage never come up in school. Nevertheless, we have rendered ourselves unable to discriminate on the matter.

But parents who understand and embrace chastity—even despite their past failures to live up to that virtue—have no such disability. Because they know that the telos of sexuality is marriage and family, they cannot help but recognize that the endless identities and orientations our culture has invented are not all morally equivalent. They won’t feel the need to be neutral about drag queens at the library and pornography at school because they know perversion doesn’t deserve the same honor due to chastity. No amount of rainbow flags shoved in their faces will deter those who know how to discriminate between right and wrong. They can and will protect their children. They will prepare them for genuine sexual maturity.

The only thing standing in our way is an unwillingness to acknowledge our own wrongdoing and turn away from it. God knows I have my own sins, as most of us do. But we have to step up and admit that we were and/or are wrong. It’s no longer a matter of youthful indiscretions, personal preferences, or feeling ashamed. It’s a matter of whether or not your children are getting groomed by pedophiles.

We stand at the brink of an abyss. Will you turn back for your children’s sake? Or will you push them in to cover your own sins? The choice is yours, America.

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