Teaching Chastity

Usually, when Christians address the issue of sexuality in American culture, we make the mistake of teaching the practice of abstinence (don’t have sex until you’re married) instead of teaching the virtue of chastity (directing your sexuality towards marriage even as you wait for sex).  Thankfully, Rev. Fisk begins teaching the latter in what is probably the best 20 minutes I’ve seen on the subject.

Via Not Until I Say I Do

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2 Responses to Teaching Chastity

  1. Captain Thin says:

    A pretty good discussion of marriage, to be sure (though his assertion that we when we marry, we are inviting someone else into our family unit kind of waters down, I think, Genesis 3:24 and its description of marriage as “leaving father and mother”). Still, his main points are still valid. My only real concern was that I thought he was going to ignore the gift of celibacy when he called marriage the most “desirable thing in the world” for a Christian – but I was happy to see him qualify that with a brief mention of continent celibacy.

  2. Matt says:

    Yeah, one could certainly adjust at the fringes on a couple of things. Still, it’s head and shoulders above what I’ve usually heard from Lutherans on the subject: Don’t have sex until you’re married, but you’re being legalistic if you discourage engaging in the American dating rituals that tend to lead to serial monogamy. Too many of my generation were surprised to find that if you spend copious amounts of time alone with a member of the opposite sex selected based on sexual attraction and romantic chemistry for the purposes of having fun, you usually end up having a particular kind of “fun.”

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