Past Time to Rethink Multiculturalism

It seems that stories of the mass sexual assaults that took place in Europe have gotten mainstream attention.  In Cologne, a mob of upwards of a thousand Arab and North African men went on a groping & even raping spree on New Year’s Eve.  Similar events on a smaller scale simultaneously occurred in a growing list of cites in Germany and Austria.

The first reaction of the multiculturalists was the same thing they did in Rotherhamcover it up  because facts have the unfortunate tendency of disrupting their narrative.  Nevertheless, the facts for mass sexual assaults can’t be kept down forever, and we keep finding about still more European cities that suffered the same thing:

Unfortunately, even from the subset of the left who actually want to acknowledge that there’s a problem that needs to be solved come ideas that I can only describe as remarkably naive.

Cologne’s mayor, for example, suggests that women protect themselves by staying an arm’s length away from men.  I’m not going to call this advice “victim blaming,” as many people are doing.  Recommending do-it-yourself protection in the face of systemic impotence is not a matter of blame, but of practicality.  Nevertheless, this is hardly a practical recommendation when someone is surrounded by dozens of hostiles, nor does it address the reasons this is coinciding with the huge influx of migrants and immigrants who carried out these assaults en masse.

What does Cologne’s mayor suggest when it comes to the perpetrators?  Well, they need to be educated on what’s acceptable: “We need to prevent confusion about what constitutes happy behaviour and what is utterly separate from openness, especially in sexual behaviour.”  I suppose this is a step in the right direction–away from Magic Dirt thinking where immigration itself causes automatic assimilation.  Unfortunately, education is only a solution inasmuch as the perpetrators actually want to learn. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Western liberals still hang onto the modernistic conceit that education and democracy inevitably make everyone on earth think like a Western liberal.  And yet, democracy in the Middle East tends to move its governments closer to Sharia rather than further away.

It’s also hard to learn from anyone for whom one has open contempt, and the mob of barbarians on New Year’s Eve is just as remarkable for its contempt for Germany and the West in general as it is for terrorizing women specifically.  Unfortunately, Middle Eastern Muslims have a tendency to follow in the footsteps of Muslim Brotherhood Propagandist Sayyid Qutb and turn the tables by thinking its the West that is in a state of jahilliyyah–a kind of barbaric ignorance.  This is, to say the least, a significant barrier to getting them to learn how to behave from us.  And, of course, Europe’s own adherence to radical feminism is no less of a barrier.  Somehow, I doubt that Muslim men will find the idea of becoming sitzpinklers very appealing.  Europe has long been on the road towards becoming almost as misandrist as the Middle East is misogynist.

Texas A&M professor Valerie Hudson takes a different approach. The real problem, she says, is not that so many of the migrants are barbarians or that so many hold to a religion that doesn’t treat women terribly well , but rather that so many of them are male.  After all, we wouldn’t want to vilify an entire group would we?  Hudson observes (correctly) that a super-majority of the migrants are male, and notes how this will ultimately skew the country’s male-female ratio.  She then argues based on her own previous research that high male populations result in negative consequences for women’s lifestyles.

Let’s ignore, for the moment, the difficutly of blaming masculinity rather than Islam based on population ratios when the most demographically skewed nations are also mostly Islamic.  Let’s also ignore the chicken-or-the-egg issues raised by the fact that these populations are skewed mainly due to the infanticide of females, which is itself a product of existing cultural preferences.  Even if 70% of the one million migrants added to Germany’s existing population of 80 million this past year are male, that only changed Germany’s sex ratio from .92 men for every woman (2013) to almost .93 men for every woman.  In other words, Germany did not suddenly become a hotbed of sexual assualt on Christmas Eve because its population suddenly became masculine; it happened because that mob brought their culture with them.  Even if her analysis is correct, this is a long-term issue. The issue that’s more immediately relevant to the women who were assaulted are barbarians already living among them.

Any way you slice it, the migrants’ culture is the primary problem here.  Diversity is not a strength, and multiculturalism has quite obviously failed. Even Angela Merkel admitted as much, but Europe has a long way to go before they unlearn all the bad habits that multiculturalism has given them–unrestricted immigration, minority reputation maintenance at any cost, and so forth.  Their mainstream political class’s greatest fear remains the prospect that migrants might get stereotyped, and they still work to silence anyone who observes reality.  The inevitable consequence of this is that people will gradually see that only the political fringes actually want to protect the population.  In short, multiculturalists are creating a situation in which the only ones who will actually help the growing list of victims are the fascists–not the usual fascist-as-synonym-for-poopiehead that liberals routinely throw about, but actual fascists.

Europe has a long history of resolving these kind of conflicts in a spectacularly bloody fashion.  Its unfortunate that they learned the wrong lesson from that history and blamed nationalism rather than the progressivism that made their nationalism deadly.  It may already be too late in Europe, but I hope American can learn this lesson in time.

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