Life After Election Night

There’s no question in my mind that the upcoming election is important. I’m usually pretty dismissive of the “most-importantest-election-evar” rhetoric that Republicans have typically used to elect neo-cons and cowards over the past few decades. But there really is something different this time. There is outright evil at work in our politics this elections. The sheer scope of the corruption across most of our institutions, the fanatical desperation from the swamp, the open collusion between journalists, big tech, and the globalist political institutions all being brought to bear against President Trump is nothing I ever expected to see.

I reluctantly voted for President Trump 4 years ago. I’m confidently voting for him this year. I may find fault with respect to both person and policy, but contrary to what I believed then, the man is fighting for America, and he has what America needs most right now:  courage. There’s no way to stare down the barrel of challenges like violent riots, lockdowns over an exaggerated flu, terminal levels of immigration, and cancel culture without it. And the president’s courage has proven contagious among patriots.

All that said… while I anticipate President Trump’s electoral victory next week, it’s not going to resolve our problems. As I’ve written before, I believe a break-up of the United States is inevitable–and closer than most people think. As we learned over the past four years, the American left has already given up on elections as a way of resolving our differences. They never really accepted the results of the last one.  I would say that the only reason they haven’t started burning the whole thing down already is because they thought they might win this year… except that they’re already literally burning it down.

Too many progressives hate us to the extent that they are unwilling to live peacefully with us. That’s what cancel culture is all about–exiling, reeducating, or even murdering all dissenters. That hatred is so virulent that they cannot tolerate even family members holding contrary political positions–including positions that were held by virtually everyone in the world until about 5 minutes ago. We’ve all seen the repulsive video of the young woman bragging about emotionally bullying her dying father into voting her way. And as much as I’d like to call that an outlier, personal experience has taught me otherwise. The hatred of the SJW left cannot be overstated.

The election will not resolve that hatred because SJW’s only respect elections insofar as they give them what they want. They only accept appointments insofar as they get to make the selections. They’re already preparing for violence post election. The phrase “culture war” is not an exaggeration, and unfortunately, war only requires one side to fight. It is upon us whether we would risk it or not.

So where does America go from here? Broadly speaking, I see three outcomes in which American Christians and our families get to continue existing.

The first outcome is to rhetorically and culturally break the left’s morale to the point that they are no longer willing to fight the way they have been. This, I believe, is the option we should hope for. The extent to which angry leftists are prone to flipping out and nuking their own closest relationships over political setbacks suggests that it is more attainable than we might think at first blush.

But the election alone isn’t going to do it. I don’t think another Trump victory will break them anymore than it would break us if he were to lose. The extent to which SJW’s entrenched themselves in our institutions makes this an effort that will need to persist well beyond his term in office. It has to persist beyond Trump himself as well, for his status as their orange bogeyman won’t do us much good in 2024. The work of either retaking those institutions or letting them die and building SJW-resistant replacements will still need to be taken up. The only thing Trump’s victory will mean is that we’ll have a somewhat easier few years with a task of at least a generation.

The second outcome is an amicable divorce. This is the option we will probably have to settle for. If we cannot find a way to live together–as is increasingly the case–then we must live separately. It would be better to make that happen peacefully rather than violently.

These separations are already beginning naturally. Ideologically speaking, people are already fleeing enclaves of the left like California en masse. But the deeper divsions are demographic in nature. Humans have always sought to live among their own, however they happen to define “their own.” Now that multiculturalism and the largest mass migration in human history has resulted in an American Babel, the consequent division is also inevitable. So while the white progressive left prefers to tribalize along ideological grounds, many of their constituent minorities would prefer to do so along racial or religious grounds. But whichever their preference, it remains a matter of tribalization.

Given the disparate social gravities drawing America apart, division may very well be inevitable. But the work required for a peaceful division remains very much the same as the first, for the roadblock is the same: the extent to which we have allowed our institutions to be co-opted. American Christians need to develop institutions that can be trusted with the authority we delegate to them. If we fail at that, then peaceful division will be impossible simply because we will have nowhere to go.

That leaves us with our final option: Cancelling the left harder than they can cancel us. This is the option we should pray to avoid, because it will inevitably be violent. It is, unfortunately going to be very difficult to avoid because it’s become violent already. Antifa is already rioting and even straight-up murdering several Trump supporters in the streets. Bernie bros have already attempted several assassinations of conservative politicians. But anyone familiar with Mao’s Cultural Revolution will understand that this is only the tip of cancel culture’s iceberg. It will get far worse if left unopposed.

The only option worse than this last one is defeat in this war. The mask is off. We know what the social-justice left want to do with us and our families. Calling everyone who fundamentally disagrees with them a Nazi is just their way of justifying their means.

Accordingly, if it comes down to it, we may have a responsibility to fight no matter how much we may hate the idea (and I certainly do hate the idea.) But we are at a disadvantage because the social justice left is already well-organized for this kind of thing (I suspect they don’t hate the idea so much.) As long as the first two options remain attainable, we should do everything we can to avoid turning it into open warfare.

So however and whenever the election ends up being decided–whether by votes on election night, courts in December, force-of-arms in 2021, or some other terrible option–it’s not the end of the war. A victory in November only means a better position to continue the struggle. By all means, celebrate when such achievements are made. But it’s not the end of the conflict. It’s just another beginning.

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  1. B. Gordon says:

    “…..including positions that were held by virtually everyone in the world until about 5 minutes ago.”

    A man can become far right by just standing still.

    Amicable divorce is the best option. We’ll win in the end since progressives don’t have many children and those that survive it will be largely immunized against it.

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