It Will Only End When You End It

We’re once again deep into Covid’s seasonal surge despite two years of masks, jabs, mandates, and lockdowns. And again, those living among petty tyrants are subjected to a renewed push for the same masks, jabs, mandates, and lockdowns that never worked in the first place. Now, a couple of years into our 15 days to stop the spread, the cry goes up “How long, O Government?”

“Will you let us go back to normal when we reach herd immunity? Will you let us go back to normal when we receive our 8th booster? Will you let us go back to normal if we triple mask our kids? Will you let us go back to normal if we disown our unvaxxed family members? Will you let us go back to normal once we all get omicron anyway? What must we do to earn your favor?”

But none of those things will end the government’s pandemic. People imagine these possibilities because they falsely believe it’s all about safety, and so we’ll all go back to normal once things are “safe” again. But it was never safe before the pandemic; it will never be safe after the pandemic; and the response was never really about safety in the first place.

It’s about control.

Sure, there might be many different motivations behind the desire for control. Some want control because it makes them feel secure. Some want control because it makes them feel empowered. Some want control so they can force national unity where none exists. And yes, some even want control because they want to save people. But the common denominator among all these is that they all want control.

Therefore, the pandemic will continue as long as it provides control. It will end only when it no longer provides control. In other words, it will only end when enough people reject the masks, the jabs, the mandates, and the lockdowns.

And just to be crystal clear: I don’t mean when enough people disagree with the rules, complain about the rules, vote against the rules, and so forth. It will be over when people reject the rules–when they act as though those rules don’t exist. It ends when we refuse to wear the masks. It ends when we refuse to take the jabs. It ends when we refuse to enforce the mandates. It ends when we refuse to lock down. In short, it ends when enough people blatantly disobey.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “enough” people has to be some kind of majority. It only has to be too many people to manage. If a company can’t handle firing 10% of their employees, then 10% is sufficient to end a corporate mandate. If a store can’t handle calling security on 5% of their patrons who refuse to wear masks or show proof of vaccination when asked, then 5% is all it takes to create a non-confrontation policy. And the police? Well, there’s a reason they don’t pull anyone over if they’re only going 5 over the speed limit. Consider their growing inability to even deal with rioters and shoplifters–not a huge percentage of the population. The only reason they’ve been successful in rounding up people in places like Australia is because the Australians let them. Let’s not make the same mistake here.

And if you live in an area that truly doesn’t have enough people willing to resist? Then it’s time for you to move to a place that does. It’s only going to get worse where you are.

It’s time to face reality: Most of those who are capable of being convinced by reason and evidence alone already know that all these draconian anti-Covid measures are superstition at best and dangerous humiliation rituals at worst. Do you really think Karens are going to care about VAERS data? Will the boomers who still believe the 6 o’clock news is the Gospel truth care about the mask study you show them? Will people who even cancelled family members be persuaded by arguments about freedom and tyranny?

No. They’re frozen in place and cannot move without permission. Maybe permission comes through shame, maybe through peer pressure, maybe through seeing people get away with it, or through government finally surrendering to the ungovernable. Either way, we are the ones who need to start disobeying. Not because we’re allowed to disobey the civil authorities God has instituted, but because our God-given vocations and consciences compel us to disobey them.

That and that alone will end the pandemic. So get disobedient. Become ungovernable. Forget herd immunity. Let’s obtain herd impertinence instead and finally finish off Covid  hysteria for good.

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2 Responses to It Will Only End When You End It

  1. Dianne Plourde says:

    Oh you are so right on, as always, and encouraging . We need to stand. Not weaken, tempting as it is sometimes. Thank you for this article.

  2. Paul says:

    I’ve seen the most non-critical attitude towards government’s handling of the “pandemic” among large groups of Christians. Maybe because of the deep-ingrained and wrongly applied “obey the government” texts. Anytime I mentioned Christians should pursue truth and expose works of the darkness I was met with deafening silence.

    It’s the same lack of love of truth that’s causing them to gobble up non-orthodox doctrine.

    I have to admit it still takes me by surprise, e.g. when pope Francis not only urged everyone to get vaccinated, but declared it to be a moral obligation, and to not get vaccinated to be equal to being suicidal (which is a mortal sin according to the RCC). Furthermore, he condemned the spreading of so-called “fake news” (i.e. information not aligning to the current government narrative) and praised the Catholic “fact-checking” ICMC (known for spreading “facts” as “No, vaccines do not use control nanotechnology and are not able to alter your genetic material” (compare e.g. with:

    Calling black white, and white black, and unable to discern.

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