Happy Thanksgiving

I’m sorry for the lack of blog/Twitter activity these last couple of weeks. My wife, kids, and I finally got Covid earlier this month, and I’ve been too busy dealing with the fallout to spend much time online.  Not so much from the illness, which was pretty mild for all of us–basically a bad cold plus a loss of smell and/or taste for the adults and barely a mild cold for the children. No, most of the fallout had to do with the many and varying bureaucracies which all deal with isolation and quarantine in different ways. Some are sensible. Some are not. All of them were more burdensome than the disease was.

To be sure, Covid can be very serious for some individuals–the old, the infirm, the unhealthy, etc.  I know some of these people.  But it’s not as though we can’t make really good guesses as to which individuals need to take extra precautions beforehand. Trying to lock down everything and everyone rather than letting the majority get it and start building herd immunity has been truly foolish.

But Covid and the terrified crowds are only two of the hurdles we’ve faced in 2020.  There’s the election chaos and the constant threat of Cancel Culture looming over us.  There have been shortages of food, water, and other necessities. We’ve been through an absolutely devastating storm. We’ve suffered the unexpected death of a beloved family member.

And amidst all these major trials, there has been an unusually constant barrage of minor irritations–basically Murphy’s Law on steroids throughout the year. Have a fever and feel like staying in bed?  That’s the perfect time for your toilet tank to randomly crack right down the middle.

That’s why it’s all the more important to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020.

We’ve suffered more this year than any year to date–this is true.  More than ever before, I’ve felt the weight of spiritual warfare and genuinely believed Satan has been out to get us. But also more than ever before, I’ve witnessed his utter failure. Our shortages were met with amazing generosity. Our devastation was met with an unwavering determination to rebuild. Our fallen loved one is now with his Savior in Paradise. My family has matured in ways I never expected. We are truly blessed.

Gratitude for those blessings is truly another blessing. Focusing on the suffering in life leads only to despair and the illusion that evil is stronger. But pausing to be grateful for the good shows us that reality is the precise opposite. The Evil One has been defeated in Christ, and by the power of God, all things–even the evil ones–cannot help but work together for the good of those who love Him. It is inevitable. And as momentarily daunting as it can be when you see the devil at work, it is eternally awe-inspiring to see the gracious hand of God in the middle of your life.

So take the time to be thankful this Thursday. No matter what your celebration may look like this year, make it a true celebration.  Spend it with as much of your family as you can, for they are your greatest blessing in this life.  If your old traditions have failed for a time, then make new ones with Christ at the center that you may all the more loudly praise God from whom all blessings flow.

May God richly bless you all in 2020 and in every year to come.

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Software engineer by trade; lay theologian by nature; Lutheran by grace.
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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. gdgm+ says:

    Mr Cochran, I’m sorry for your loss, but pleased to hear you’re meeting your family challenges despite them! (I just saw your last couple of posts — so many blogs, so little time…)

  2. Matt says:

    Thank you, sir!

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