Zombie Heresies – Gnosticism Part 1

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Have you ever heard that…

…we are spirits that merely inhabit physical bodies?
…there’s a spark of the divine in everyone?
…the physical world doesn’t really matter?
…Jesus is really nice, but the Father is really mean?
…secret spiritual knowledge will set you free?

You probably have. These days, you can barely turn around without tripping over somebody who espouses beliefs like this. Today, we’d generally call them “spiritual but not religious.” Half a century ago, we referred to them as “new age.” But the Church had to engage with beliefs like this nearly two thousand years ago.

In this episode of Lutheran in a Strange Land, we’ll start examining one of the oldest and most rotten Zombie Heresies out there: Gnosticism.

Introduction to Zombie Heresies: https://youtu.be/WhXcjI52eO8

Yoda’s Lecture to Luke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEuA5Y_Cc88

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