Do Conservatives Need to Work With the Other Side?

Does the right need to work with liberals to accomplish its goals? I’ve heard this contention repeatedly from moderates and conservatives who still find some form of national divorce unthinkable. Usually, it’s intended to explain why they can’t support Donald Trump.

In a way, the frequency of this sentiment shouldn’t be surprising. After all, it was a key part of the political mythology I grew up with. Both sides, they told us, want what’s best for America; they just had different ideas on how to get there. And while a person might find one side or the other more appealing, they taught me to never, under any circumstances, be a partisan. That’s what makes one an extremist. That’s what makes one incapable of independent thought. Partisanship is what prevented both sides of the political aisle from coming together to make common-sense compromises that would move America forward together. It seemed pretty reasonable to me a few decades ago.

But gosh, kind of a lot has happened since then.

I could make a long list about the ridiculous beliefs and practices that have emerged from “the other side” over the past couple decades, but I’ll settle for the one I consider emblematic of the rest: the refusal to recognize the difference between men and women. Transgenderism is one of the Big Lies or our time. If Satan convinces you that men can be women, he can make you believe anything at all. It represents a divorce from reality so obvious it far surpasses “the Emperor’s New Clothes.”

But no matter how obvious the Lie, there is literally no limit to how far its adherents will go to affirm it. They will burn multi-million dollar brands like Bud Light or Sports Illustrated to the ground over it. They will cancel strangers and disown family members over it. They will invite perverts into women’s locker rooms over it. They will deny conservatives life-saving care at hospitals over it. They will steal children from their parents over it. They will mutilate children over it–injecting them with hormones to disrupt their growth, cutting off healthy organs, and carving up healthy flesh (warning: graphic) to construct fake organs. And in keeping with the Lie, they will call it all “love” from beginning to end.

Christians cannot work with such a side.

I cannot work with a side like that. Our respective beliefs are so different that we don’t even have sufficient common ground to work together. During the height of the Cold War, Sting could at least sing “the Russians love their children too.” But here, the sides couldn’t even agree on the meanings of “Russian,” “children,” “their,” or especially “love.” We cannot be fair to one another because we cannot agree on what fairness means. We cannot even resort to minding our own business. After all, “do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone” is empty rhetoric if we cannot even agree on what “hurt” means. I think mutilating a confused child until they look like a bad parody of the opposite sex is hurting them. In contrast, they think not doing so is hurting them.

There can be no real polity in a house this divided. In some respects, America’s national divorce has already happened–even if it’s not official.

President Trump’s continuing popularity despite (or perhaps because of) the media-industrial-complex throwing it’s full weight against him proceeds from his willingness to recognize and exploit this division. He’s come to symbolize the growing number of Americans who realize they cannot work with the other side and are just as despised as Trump for noticing it. People look to him precisely because they see him as someone who will boldly defy the left (unlike the absolute failure which is the GOP.) To be sure, I think President Trump’s first term adequately demonstrates that he’s not really such a man. Nevertheless, he has embraced the mythology the left has given him to great effect.

Or at least it would be to great effect if the United States were still a genuine republic. 2016 was likely the last fair and meaningful presidential election America will ever have. Maybe you don’t believe there was any fraud in 2020. Maybe you even think forcibly removing Trump from the ballot in various states is protecting democracy. But even ignoring all of that, there’s a deeper problem. Democracy is supposed to be the electorate choosing new leaders; but our leaders have long been choosing a new electorate–a foreign one that votes more to their liking. Americans aren’t determining the outcomes of our elections anymore. And so, the sides can’t even agree on voting as a way to resolve our differences anymore.

What then is to become of America?

Ordinarily, when two different groups are in such conflict, it’s because each desires government which will benefit its posterity. In such cases, the best solution is peaceful separation so that two governments may be formed–in other words, a national divorce. Abraham and Lot are a great Biblical example of this on a small scale.

Sadly, the United States is cursed with countless foreign posterities within our borders competing with the posterity for whom our Constitution was written. The left’s solution to this self-inflicted tragedy of multiculturalism is to erase the very idea of posterity. They celebrate sterility, cuckoldry, sodomy, anti-racism, and every form of depravity that sets itself against the natural affections which would make peaceful separation work. What’s more, they are culturally ascendant and believe unquestioningly that they can take the whole thing by force anyway. So even a negotiated peace in which good fences produce good neighbors isn’t realistic.

The only thing keeping the two sides from the violent kind of national divorce is that it isn’t yet advantageous for either side. For the most part, there’s still too much to lose. The left has enjoyed virtually unopposed advancement for more than a generation now. They have no real need for open violence–only the implied threat thereof. Their open and official actions are still self-restrained for the moment. They do, however, have a growing impatience which motivates their sporadic escalations to violence. The left is happy to let Antifa and BLM murder and destroy to their hearts’ content because they have no real incentive to stop them. They only bring out heavy-handed government suppression when good men take action to defend themselves against evil–hence their frothing hatred for men like Kyle Rittenhouse or Daniel Penny. The bold actions of virtuous men are the only thing that truly frightens them into violence.

Meanwhile, on the right, we still have corners of society to which we can retreat. We can move away from California or New York. We can remove our children from public schools. We can start our own businesses after we get cancelled. We can choose to remain anonymous on social media. We can turn off Disney+, Netflix, and the other propaganda channels. In short, most of us can still keep our homes and families safe without resorting to violence. That’s why, despite all the posturing from the left, there was no right-wing insurrection on January 6th or any other day.

Nevertheless, we are beginning to understand that those days will come to an end. We got a glimpse of this during COVID when our leftist friends and neighbors were clamoring to lock us up in camps and make our families destitute if we refused experimental gene therapy. They straightforwardly threatened us when they treated January 6th like an insurrection while openly turning a blind eye to all the leftist protestors who jumped White House fences, occupied capitols, or even declared their own independent microstates in places like Portland. We know that we cannot simply work out some kind of compromise; and one day, there will no longer be too much to lose.

It’s Time to Repent.

It is sobering when you consider how many different threat points America is under with potential to remove that last barrier. We are being subjected to the largest mass migration in human history. Eventually, it will cause what mass immigration has always caused throughout history: horrible violence between native and migrant. Our economy is based entirely on debt and bereft of real production. Every time it wobbles, it’s more liable to collapse entirely. Our leaders seem intent on starting WWIII over foreign interests that have no real relevance to us. It’s only a matter of time before we pick a fight that our army of women and men who think they’re women won’t be able to handle. Disaster truly looms around us on all sides.

It would be irresponsible of Christians to view our situation as anything less than divine judgment. Therefore, America’s only hope at this point is to consider her sins and repent. We have shed an unfathomable amount of innocent blood. We have sold our children’s inheritance to foreigners for nothing more than cheap consumer goods and diverse restaurants. We have embraced fornication and adultery as our norms and treated children as a curse. We’ve grown too timid to stand against unspeakable wickedness, and we dress up our cowardice as “compassion.” Our men have allowed our women to rule over us and encourage feminist rebellion while we refuse our own headship. Our sins are great, and their consequences are well-deserved. Our national future hinges entirely on God’s mercy.

But true repentance and working with the other side are mutually exclusive. We cannot turn away from these evils while continuing to placate and enable those who are pursuing them with single-minded fanaticism. That is how we got here in the first place. True, we must tolerate some evil when stamping it out would cause even greater evils. But when we consider the moral weight of what we’ve done and the utter destruction that awaits us, we can put “greater evils” into its proper perspective. The gravity of our grossest sins crushes the petty concerns of our would-be collaborators–things like sensitivity, equality, or democracy.

Because we no longer have any ideological common ground with the left, our only option for working together would be to adopt some measure of their ideology. If America is to repent, we must therefore refuse to work with the other side, for we dare not share common cause with evil. And so, for the sake of our children, we must steadfastly resist the temptation to seek cooperation. If that results in an official national divorce and the end of the United States, so be it. Either we prevail against them, or we fall to them. Providence has given us no other options.

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3 Responses to Do Conservatives Need to Work With the Other Side?

  1. george johnson says:

    The only other side we can work with is the other right-leaning Christians from other denoninations. We have to set aside over-dogmatism on views of the eurcharist and baptism and be different than Mahler who just wants to start fights on those. We have to unite on taking the reigns of the churches and society back from women. But conteolled oppositions like Woe and Mahler would have us at each other’s throats over consubstantiation vs memorialism vs spiritual presence, and controlled opposition like Redeemed Zoomer would have us waste our time sitting under a female or gay affirming pastor in hopes of scoring a cool building. We must resist both fake and gay movements and forge one that actually has a chance of working.

    • Matt says:

      We can certainly work with other right-leaning Christians. When it comes to cooperation with other denominations, I go by the policy that we can cooperate as long as we can agree on what we’re doing together. So I would absolutely take political action alongside other right-wing believers. I would also pray with believing Baptists, Papists, and Reformed because we agree on who we’re praying to and what we’re praying for. Nevertheless, I would not commune with them because we cannot agree on what Communion is. I would not cease teaching different doctrines than them because we do not agree on what doctrines ought to be taught–and as Christians, we ought to all agree that we cannot simply pause teaching parts of what Christ has taught us.

      I only have a passing familiarity with Redeemed Zoomer. But as for Woe and Mahler, I do not believe, even for a second, that they are controlled opposition. They have three traits that can’t really be faked: 1) Very high intelligence; 2) Extremely thorough knowledge of the theological & political subject matter; and 3) The ability to speak convincingly from the perspective of a true believer. (As a writer, doing that consistently from a perspective you actually hate is incredibly difficult to pull off.) The odds of some kind of fed or agent of the left possessing all of those characteristics is really low–let alone two of them. Then add that they are genuinely loathed by not only the left, but by the most worldly conservatives. I may not always agree with them, but it’s not at all plausible to me that they’re some kind of controlled opposition or op.

  2. Rick Strickert says:

    “Does the right need to work with liberals to accomplish its goals?”

    When conservatives work with Demonicrats, they give aid and comfort to the domestic and foreign enemies of the United States.

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