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America Needs Procreative Unions NOW [A Satire in Defense of Marriage]

Even within the warped worldview of a caricatured leftist, it seems that marriage between one man and one woman makes too much sense to ignore or conflate with something else. [satire] All right-thinking Americans have long been celebrating the fact … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Magic? The Superstitious Pro-abortion Mind

One of the ironies of America’s abortion debate is that I always hear about how pro-life people are moronic science deniers, with naught but religious reasons for their position. And yet, whenever I’ve argued the issue with a pro-abortion secularist, … Continue reading

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The New Honesty about Abortion in Film

I have not seen “Obvious Child,” a recent romantic comedy about abortion, but I did take note when film critics kept going on and on about how honest it is. It’s “anchored” by an edgy “kind of truth-telling” according to … Continue reading

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Doing Lines

Where is the line that separates abortion from infanticide?  A rather remarkable video has been making the rounds in which a Planned Parenthood representative argues for the legality of post-birth abortion at a Florida legislative hearing.  The question is whether … Continue reading

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When “Do Whatever You Want” Means “I Don’t Care About You”

As usual, if you need Jesus to wink and nod at a sin, you’ll need to come up with a fictional Jesus.  According to NRO, Notre Dame grad Theresa Rebek has done just that in her play “O Beautiful” in … Continue reading

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