Theological Liberalism is not Christianity (Reason #125)

Clearly the best way of reading that passage.

A public service announcement because for some reason, people are still confused about the obvious.

On their Facebook page, the author of the “sermon” clarified by reiterating how Jesus had a really bad idea, but it’s ok because he let himself get talked out of it.   Sure, one could read the passage in the usual, mundane, orthodox way–that Jesus deliberately gave her a hard response as an opportunity for her to make her wonderful confession of faith that even being a dog at this Master’s table is a great blessing.  But where’s the fun in that?  It’s so much more avant garde to teach that Jesus was really being a huge bag of d**ks, but had a change of heart and said he was sorry.

Well, it might be more avant garde, but it’s not Christian.

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