Rick Perry’s Not Afraid to Talk About His Faith… Whatever It Is

I try not to deal with straight-up politics on this blog, and I don’t think the upcoming election will be good for what ails us as a nation regardless of who runs/wins.  I happened to see this Perry commercial this morning, though, and couldn’t help but comment.

It amuses me that a message specifically intended to emphasize the importance of faith and Perry’s fearlessness in talking about it has virtually no detail on what his faith is actually in.  The only real proposition in there is that Perry thinks “we all need God’s help.”  Not to overstate its banality, but there are some atheists who could agree with that statement.  Frankly, I don’t think most “liberals” would have a problem using that phrase themselves, much less hearing it from someone.

There’s a difference between confessing your faith and confessing to having faith.

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