Lutheran in a Strange Land – New YouTube Channel

Welcome to a new experiment.

I’ve had enough requests for video content that I’ve decided to give it a try and create a new YouTube Channel called Lutheran in a Strange Land.

The thing is, I teach adult Sunday school each week, and being the kind of person who is perpetually unsatisfied with canned Bible studies, I almost always create my own material. I love doing it, but it’s a pretty big time investment solely for presenting the material to a small class–usually only once in 5 to 10 years or so. Accordingly, for now, the new channel is going to feature my class lectures adapted for YouTube.

The subject matter is going to be more-or-less what you’ve come to expect from the blog. Overall, some of the series are going to have a more theological bent to them than usual. However, while I generally avoid political specifics in class, I don’t shy away from the usual philosophical, cultural, and ideological issues that end up impacting our politics (and truthfully, that’s always interested me more than specific candidates and parties anyway.)

That said, we’re going to be provocative right out of the gate and kick things off with a series of videos called Understanding Rape Culture. It’s a 6-part series, and I’m planning to release a new part each day this week. The first two parts are embedded below.

So please, check out the channel and subscribe. If you enjoy the videos, like and share them. Let’s see if we can get this thing off the ground.

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