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Incarnate Value: A Case Study on Tradition

A few months ago, in the hype surrounding Prince William and Kate’s then-upcoming marriage, a story emerged that Prince William would choose not to wear a ring–apparently because he just doesn’t like jewelry.  Boundless posted about it, and the predictable comments … Continue reading

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Creativity and the Worship Wars

When I was a young child, my grandparents has an old electric organ in their basement, which I would periodically play when I visited. I remember one day turning on one of the organ’s beat tracks and playing “Beautiful Savior” … Continue reading

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I Need To Make My Own Mistakes

How often have you heard this line? “I need to make my own mistakes” is usually an excuse thrown out by adolescents (and adults who never grew out of adolescence) after an argument over behavior has been lost. They know … Continue reading

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Loosen Up? Rob Bell & Cries of “Pharisee!”

One of the accusations that seems to be continually leveled against the critics of Rob Bell (the emergent church fellow who has recently made headlines for teaching universalism in his new book) is that they are being Pharisaical for holding … Continue reading

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