It’s ART!

Art Patrons Pay $100 for the Privilege of Eating Rat

I think my favorite part of “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch” is that this attempt to “explore self-sufficiency in an urban environment” and “put people outside of their comfort zone” involved hiring a chef to prepare rat bruschetta and rat braise with rats purchased from a company that processes “perfectly safe” and “humanely killed” rodents.  How very urban and self-sufficient!  Tomorrow we will feast again on what we order from a catalog.

The current tradition of making the arts all about causing offense and provoking discomfort is a symptom of our decline, but it’s telling that they can’t even bring themselves to actually do that anymore.

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  1. That is just disgusting. It just shows how low the standards in our society have fallen. One thing I’ve observed about modern art is that so many today want to be “progressive” and produce, non-judgmental emotive junk and don’t want to admit that art always makes judgments, whether that’s intended or not.

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