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Paradoxology Part 2: Refusing Paradox

Scripture presents Christians with a number of paradoxes—places where unresolved tension exists between two or more teachings.  One of the thornier issues is the doctrine of predestination—that God Himself chooses who will be saved.  How is the Lutheran approach to … Continue reading

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Radio Interview

I had an interview on Issues Etc that ran this past Wednesday in which we discussed my contribution to Natural Law: A Lutheran Reappraisal. In particular, we covered the applicability of natural law in postmodern times, a little bit of … Continue reading

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Loosen Up? Rob Bell & Cries of “Pharisee!”

One of the accusations that seems to be continually leveled against the critics of Rob Bell (the emergent church fellow who has recently made headlines for teaching universalism in his new book) is that they are being Pharisaical for holding … Continue reading

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Rules for Posting

Rules are usually the result of someone doing something they shouldn’t have.  That warning on your chainsaw about not stopping the chain with your hands?  There’s probably a stupid story behind that. Since this blog is too young to have … Continue reading

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