Zombie Heresies – Modalism Part 1

Have you heard some of the new language many mainline protestants have invented for the Trinity?

Rock, Redeemer Friend…
Lover, Beloved, Love…
Mother, Child, Womb…

We are told that these new metaphors are more inclusive than the old “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” language and will help all of the woke people of today understand God far better than the masculine metaphors of the benighted past.

But far from understanding God better, those who think that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are just metaphors in the first place are already falling into an ancient heresy known as Modalism.

Introduction to Zombie Heresies: https://youtu.be/WhXcjI52eO8

The Father is Not a Metaphor: http://matthewcochran.net/blog/?p=420

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