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A Missionary’s Positions

We had a guest speaker at my church this past Sunday—a missionary who spoke to us about mission—both the specific program he oversees and the broader task of making disciples of all nations given to the Church. He gave everyone … Continue reading

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Babel is a Feature, not a Bug

It’s not exactly rare for the Bible to clash with modernism. The six days of creation, the global flood, and Jonah’s fishy situation certainly upset our philosophy of science—the rules under which scientists analyze data which forbid any consideration of … Continue reading

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The 16th Century Called…

500 years later, and the Pope still wants Lutherans to set aside doctrine for the sake of unity. According to Fox News, the Pope met with a large group of Lutherans yesterday. The message was that Lutherans and Papists should … Continue reading

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Wheaton was Right: a Followup

The Federalist ran an article of mine last week—concerning the question of whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God (spoiler warning: they don’t.) You can read it over there, but I wanted to take a moment to address some … Continue reading

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The Athanasian Creed Probably wasn’t Important, Right?

I was all set to teach about the Athanasian Creed at church this morning—before a badly pulled back muscle prevented me from teaching at all. One of the things I planned to note was the uses of the word “catholic” … Continue reading

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Why Lutherans Sing

A few weeks ago, the adult Bible Study that I teach started a new topic:  the historic liturgy used in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.  We’ll be going through it step-by-step from beginning to end and taking an in-depth look at … Continue reading

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Sermon: “A Hard Saying” – John 6:51-69

My pastor required a substitute this weekend, and I was honored to be asked to preach on John 6:51-69: Grace, mercy, and peace to you from God our Father, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “This is a hard … Continue reading

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The Binding of Isaac

I’ve been giving the story of Abraham and Isaac some thought lately. It was only about a month ago that the sacrifice of Isaac came up in our lectionary. It as at about that same time that I watched an … Continue reading

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Scripture Alone, but not a Scripture that is Alone

Like any doctrine or teaching, the various Sola’s of the Reformation have provoked some misunderstandings from time to time. This is perhaps most common for sola fide—that we are saved through faith alone and not by our works. Because of … Continue reading

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We Proclaim; We do not Include

 Among theological liberals desperate to “fix” Christianity lest it die in obscurity and obsolescence (say, how is membership in liberal “churches” doing again?) one of the key goals is to make Christianity more inclusive. Why are American congregations so white? … Continue reading

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