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The Forgotten Use of the Law

It’s old news that the famous “three uses” to which God puts the law (a curb that restrains sin, a mirror that reveals the depth of our guilt, and a guide by which Christians live) have become very controversial among … Continue reading

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In Defense of Offense

I had another article up at The Federalist the other day—this time about the threat to religious liberty posed by a rainbow mob and the foolish attempts by moderates to try and make peace with that mob by accommodating it. … Continue reading

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On the Relevance of Male Lactation

It’s some pretty stupid reasoning, but it nevertheless amuses me to see our modern-day gnostics hoisted on their own petard. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court let stand a controversial lower court decision. Angela Ames alleged that her employer forced … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There is Such a Thing as a Slut

I came across this piece in The Atlantic a few days back, boldly proclaiming that “there’s no such thing as a slut.” It was occasioned by a recent book written by a couple of academics who studied the daily lives … Continue reading

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Cultural Doggie Bag: Cloud Atlas and Natural Law

Cloud Atlas is one of those movies I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it because of the complex and well-crafted storyline made up of interwoven time periods and because this craftsmanship itself is there for the sake of … Continue reading

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A Most Peculiar Animal

Though philosophy is usually considered a more high-brow, ivory-tower kind of discipline, it is something everybody practices, whether they do so intentionally or not. Accordingly, philosophies that start out among the elites in the academy always have a way of … Continue reading

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Apologetics Minute: God as Cosmic Engineer

I was listening to the White Horse Inn the other day and came across an interview with professional skeptic Michael Shermer.  While talking about whether God exists (at 2:55), he offered up this gem: “I’d be very surprised if it … Continue reading

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Parenting without Boundaries for Humans without Natures

I’ve seen a few sites churning over this story of a couple of foolish parents who are trying to raise a genderless baby so that he/she/it/they can make his/her/its/their own decision on the subject whenever he/she/it/they wants to.  The problems … Continue reading

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