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Probably Because You Aren’t Preaching It

At least, that’s my best guess after reading Why Are You Asking For More Law? In it, a Lutheran pastor briefly recounts a time when he was approached by some scare-quoted “pillars of the congregation” who were scare-quoted “very concerned” … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Destigmatize Sin?

Last week, I had a piece on The Federalist about the destigmatization of racism. In it, I argued that despite the way we have been raised to think of racism as the ultimate evil—the closest thing to a moral absolute … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Use of the Law

It’s old news that the famous “three uses” to which God puts the law (a curb that restrains sin, a mirror that reveals the depth of our guilt, and a guide by which Christians live) have become very controversial among … Continue reading

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Catcalling and the Criminalization of Social Ineptitude

By now, most everyone has heard of the video of a model being catcalled as she walked down the streets of New York. Under the guise of raising awareness about this casual form of alleged misogyny, it has served mainly … Continue reading

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“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians”

This comic got me thinking a lot about Gandhi lately. It is, unfortunately, quite accurate. Like most people who cry some version of “Lord, save me from your followers,” Gandhi was less familiar with the Lord than he thought. Based … Continue reading

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Preaching the Law vs. Preaching About the Law

About a month ago, I posted a comment over at Brothers of John the Steadfast on a thread regarding legalism and a high view of the law.  The gist of the original post (with which I completely agree), is that … Continue reading

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Abusing Sola Scriptura

“The Bible doesn’t say it’s wrong, so I can do it if I want to.” Unfortunately, this is a common refrain among protestants and Lutherans looking for some kind of license.  We can see this very clearly when it comes … Continue reading

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Chief of Sinners?

Human pride can be a funny thing.  We routinely make ourselves out to be better than we truly are by whitewashing our sins and character flaws.  Of course the realization that things like pride and self-righteousness are also sinful leads … Continue reading

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When Movies Aren’t Bloody Enough

So the other night, I finally saw The Crow, the 1994 cult-classic starring Brandon Lee.  I found myself rather disappointed with the film by the time the credits began to roll.  Given how the typical complaint is that movies like … Continue reading

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