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Past Time to Rethink Multiculturalism

It seems that stories of the mass sexual assaults that took place in Europe have gotten mainstream attention.  In Cologne, a mob of upwards of a thousand Arab and North African men went on a groping & even raping spree … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Destigmatize Sin?

Last week, I had a piece on The Federalist about the destigmatization of racism. In it, I argued that despite the way we have been raised to think of racism as the ultimate evil—the closest thing to a moral absolute … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Use of the Law

It’s old news that the famous “three uses” to which God puts the law (a curb that restrains sin, a mirror that reveals the depth of our guilt, and a guide by which Christians live) have become very controversial among … Continue reading

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Not Like This

As someone who lives on a somewhat wooded acreage out in the country, I’ve become accustomed to burning yard waste from time to time. From the perspective of one who was raised in the Chicago suburbs, there are an astonishing … Continue reading

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Transgenderism Eats Its own Tail: If boys can be girls, then what does “girl” actually mean?

Like Minnesota before her, Virginia has recently chosen to impose radical gender theory on its schools. The motivation behind this push is supposedly compassion for a select group of boys and girls—specifically the boys who think they are really girls … Continue reading

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Good Parenting is so Unfair

It looks my wife and I had better be a little more judicious about our son’s bedtime stories. We wouldn’t want to confer disadvantage on every other child in the world. A recent episode of The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s program … Continue reading

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In Defense of Offense

I had another article up at The Federalist the other day—this time about the threat to religious liberty posed by a rainbow mob and the foolish attempts by moderates to try and make peace with that mob by accommodating it. … Continue reading

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Do We Have to Amputate?

There’s been an update on the Maryland family threatened by Child Protective Services for allowing their children (10 and 6) to walk to & from a local park on their own. According to the Washington Post, CPS has concluded their … Continue reading

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Rainbow Lobby Trying to Take an Elderly Grandmother’s Business and Home over $7.91

In what has become an increasingly common story, Barronelle Stutzman, a 70-year-old florist in Washington State, chose not to help two male customers pretend that they were marrying each other because she deemed such assistance a violation of her Christian … Continue reading

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Sentamentalism & Leftism != Goodness

Look out, Christians; it looks like godless parents raise more liberal kids than we do. Wait… what do you mean that’s not news? But Jezebel just ran a big ‘gotcha’ story on it denouncing us. Well, they did headline it … Continue reading

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