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Transgenderism Eats Its own Tail: If boys can be girls, then what does “girl” actually mean?

Like Minnesota before her, Virginia has recently chosen to impose radical gender theory on its schools. The motivation behind this push is supposedly compassion for a select group of boys and girls—specifically the boys who think they are really girls … Continue reading

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Good Parenting is so Unfair

It looks my wife and I had better be a little more judicious about our son’s bedtime stories. We wouldn’t want to confer disadvantage on every other child in the world. A recent episode of The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s program … Continue reading

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On Yoga Pants and Priorities

It seems there’s some kind of lively debate going on about yoga pants and modesty among American Evangelicals. It’s not a subject that I’ve really been invested in. On one hand, I’m more inclined to see yoga pants as slovenly … Continue reading

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Sentamentalism & Leftism != Goodness

Look out, Christians; it looks like godless parents raise more liberal kids than we do. Wait… what do you mean that’s not news? But Jezebel just ran a big ‘gotcha’ story on it denouncing us. Well, they did headline it … Continue reading

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On the Relevance of Male Lactation

It’s some pretty stupid reasoning, but it nevertheless amuses me to see our modern-day gnostics hoisted on their own petard. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court let stand a controversial lower court decision. Angela Ames alleged that her employer forced … Continue reading

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Faithlessness and the Danger of Busybodies

I’ve written several times about the virtue of faith and the associated vice of desperation. This virtue is not the saving faith taught by Christianity, but is instead an ethical matter—a disposition towards acting as though the world will ultimately … Continue reading

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Rethinking Equality

Awhile back, I wrote a short piece about equality and marriage. I noted that when the idea that all people are created equal was added to our political discourse, it brought some benefits to the common good. It helped to … Continue reading

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Ending the Real Rape Culture

Struggling to Define Rape Despite the common pretenses of relativism and moral uncertainty among Americans, there yet remain certain moral touchstones that none of us are at all uncertain about. One of these is, of course, that Hitler was evil. … Continue reading

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Catcalling and the Criminalization of Social Ineptitude

By now, most everyone has heard of the video of a model being catcalled as she walked down the streets of New York. Under the guise of raising awareness about this casual form of alleged misogyny, it has served mainly … Continue reading

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Ghandi, Vegetarianism & Christian Ethics

While we’re on the subject of Gandhi, as I was reviewing excerpts from The Story of My Experiments with Truth for my last post, I happened across a criticism of Christianity that I found intriguing. Since Gandhi was primarily a … Continue reading

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