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Racism, Anti-Racism, and Sin

As American cities burn amid riots and communist activists carve out micro-states for themselves in the wake of George Floyd’s death, we’ve also borne witness to a vast army of conservatives rising up to affirm the one core principle that … Continue reading

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The New Man Grows

Is there anything for a Christian to do in this life? It’s an odd question, but one I greatly struggled with in the past as I imbibed a peculiar corruption of Lutheranism. Certainly, there is nothing for us to do … Continue reading

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Abuse and a Theology of Divorce

It’s a good thing when our theology informs our opinions on what makes positive social change. It’s not so good when our opinions on social change inform our theology. Case in point:¬† A few months ago, Sheila Gregoire put up … Continue reading

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Why Do We Have Church?

As the saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. It’s a lesson many Christians are becoming painfully aware of as their local congregations are caught up in the various shutdowns and quarantines. We deeply desire to … Continue reading

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Accuracy vs. Precision in Theology

This is an allegory; let the reader understand. It’s important to recognize the distinction between accuracy and precision in mathematics. Take the value of pi for example. Is it 3? 3.14? 3.14159? 3.1415926535? Well, in each case, the answer is … Continue reading

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Is Christian Exclusivity Arrogant?

Is it arrogant to believe Christians are right about God and everyone else is wrong? Nathan Rinne adroitly addressed that question from a student¬†on his blog recently, and it got me thinking. As common as the question is these days, … Continue reading

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Finding Real Life in Quarantine

Like most Americans, my corner of the country is largely shut down at the moment due to the Chinese Virus–schools, churches, restaurants, etc. are all closed for at least a month. We’ve certainly been fortunate to be less disrupted than … Continue reading

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Men Going a Third Way – Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 It is possible to convince women to back away from feminist rebellion, but like any other skill, convincing women is something that needs to be learned, practiced, and developed through patient endurance. Granted, women … Continue reading

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Men Going a Third Way – Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 Very often, men’s perception of female incorrigibility is entirely mistaken. On one hand, there’s women being incorrigible because feminism is a blight on mind, body, and soul that leads to fanatical selfishness and entitlement. And yes, … Continue reading

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Men Going a Third Way – Part 2

Part 1 So if men have to be the ones to correct feminist rebellion so that we can have functional families and maintain civilization, what do we do? I’ve spoken about ways we can improve our odds of succeeding at … Continue reading

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